A collection of the past and present in terms of what is going on in my life. Somewhere to gather content and write about things which excite me. And most of all, needed to grab this domain so might as well do something with it.

About me

I asked a friend to describe me once and got the reply that I am in short ”basically an on- and offline raid leader”. I really like that description as I draw a lot of my work life experience from my video gaming background.

In addition to leading people in tech and games and building high-end technology solutions, I’m an avid speaker on 30+ international events including SLUSH, Websummit, WiT, Gather and TEDx.

Most of all, I love telling a good story.


Rather than scattering my articles, columns and blogposts to the wind the idea is to collect them all here.


We’re all on the path of growing into the best version of ourselves

I hope you find something of value on this website to help you on your path