Moving my writing here.

Part of my coming back from burnout process has been to simply identify and uncover more about myself in order to expand my Open Area and become more self aware. Although I am quite used to reflecting, the process of asking friends and relatives about feedback rather than receiving it from associates, co-workers or bosses was pretty new to me. Probably, I will move the writing I have been doing on LinkedIn onto this platform instead.

Before I even get into writing I want to stress how lucky I have been to have a tribe of people working on my recovery. Not even lucky – but privileged. My work has contributed with a psychologist who is great and through Sofiahemmet I also had a worklife-balance-coach. In addition to that I have been going to a guru on my own expense to get another input source so that I get a nuanced outlook on this topic. Moreover, I have my mentor. In any case, thank you to anyone and everyone who have been involved. We are on the path now!

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  1. Great content! Keep up the good work!

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